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Spending restless nights?… Don’t have a comfy bed for guests to offer?… Going for camping with friends but worried about discomfort over sleeping mats?… Buy a portable bed to vanish your worries!

The Definitive Guide to the Best Portable Beds

Rollaway Guest Bed
Memory Foam Mattress
Portable Bed
4 inch
Memory Foam
29.1 x 12.2 x 1.6
Zinus Memory Foam
Resort Folding Guest Bed
with Wheels
Portable Bed
1 inch Memory Foam
4 inches High-Density
Support Foam
38 x 75 x 19
Premium Folding Bed
with Luxurious
Memory Foam Mattress
Portable Bed
4 inches
Memory Foam
74.8 x 15.8 x 31.5

Serta 39"
Portable Rollaway Bed
with Twin Mattress
Portable Bed
4-5 inches
14 x 39 x 73

Zinus Memory Foam
Getaway Premier
Folding Guest Bed
Portable Bed
1 inch
Memory Foam
38 x 75 x 19

Super Strong Portable
Twin Size
Folding Rollaway Bed
Portable Bed
4 inch
Foam Mattress
79 x 38 x 14
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There is nothing to be worried of while having a folding bed as your night mate. Being a sincere companion, this bedding style is designed specifically to make you relaxed and worry free of restless and miserable nights. This beds (whether they are folding, roll away or inflatable) are furnished like the traditional beds and give you sound sleep in such nights.

Beneficial Yet Affordable Bedding Solution:

In the form of portable or guest beds, you have a beneficial yet economical solution in hand. This comes up as a space efficient option that lets you consume little space wherever required. It gets folded or rolled back to a smaller size that makes it easy to be transported as well. All such benefits in a wide variety can be enjoyed in a quite affordable range.

List of Top Rated Portable Beds/Mattresses:

After reviewing a number of folding and rollaway beds, air mattresses, camping beds this list is compiled to give you thorough insights. This way you will be capable enough to get an ideal one for you.

1. Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Bed (Twin):

Whether you need an additional bed for guests, or during the camping ventures, Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Bed with its twin size is definitely a premium bedding solution. Designed with 3-inch contouring memory foam and comfort foam support, the bed is sufficient to give you a comfortable sleep while being indoors or outdoors.

portable bed 3It includes a sturdy metal frame that can easily be folded up to 7” thick for compact storage. This allows an efficient space saving and makes it easy to be transported as well. The product comes with a high quality plush micro quilt that is removable and washable.

2. Coleman Queen Airbed Cot with Side Tables and 4D Battery Pump:

Enjoy a wonderful night in the overcrowded house or get a home-like sleep outside while camping. The Coleman Queen Airbed Cot has everything to give you a comfortable sleep. A sturdier yet versatile design with an elevated support gives you a durable and cozy bedding experience both indoors and outdoors. It comprises of an airbed and cot that can be separated in order to double up your space.

portable bed 2With the two side tables very much close to the bed, you can easily put your personal belongings (spectacles, book, mobile phone etc.) on. The durable frame made up of steel can carry weight upto 600 lbs and can be folded easily to be stored inside the carry bag to give a compact storage with easy portability. A 4D battery pump (sold separately) is used to inflate/deflate bed within a few minutes.

3. Milliard Super Strong Portable Folding Rollaway Bed with Wooden Slats:

You can offer a tremendous night sleep to surprise guests with Milliard Super Strong Rollaway bed. Equipped with a sturdy and durable metal frame provides enhanced support alongside 17 wooden slats crafted meticulously.

portable bed 1In order to give you a real bed like feeling this bed features a super thick 4-inch mattress. The entire product is extremely safe and suitable for people residing in mobile homes, college students frequent travelers (appropriate for road trips) and the people who are more social (probable to have surprise guests at home any moment).

These are our top picks for the best portable beds. If you would like to discover more models, please click here.

Milliard Super Strong Portable Rollaway Bed

While extending the innovative products, Milliard’s bedding products offer a unique balance between comfort and support. While designing a folding bed, the company has always considered the significant design and environmental concerns. In its range of portable beds, the super strong portable twin size rollaway bed comes up with superior design and functionality.

Milliard Super Strong Portable Twin Size Folding Rollaway Bed, with Wooden Slats and Comfortable Foam MattressThrough this portable twin size rollaway bed with wooden salts, Milliard has brought an advanced design with innovative features. It incorporates a sturdy frame, that is more durable than an army surplus cot with a lightweight structure. The features of the product are analyzed below in detail:

Product Features:

Some of the prominent features of this Milliard’s innovative product are:

1. Metal Frame Construction:

A sturdier metal frame construction is deployed to offer a superior durability with this folding bed. The frame is designed in the form of square tubing with 17 wooden slats to ensure maximum firmness and support. In order to provide additional comfort, the slats are made curved.

Milliard Super Strong Portable Twin Size Folding Rollaway Bed, with Wooden Slats and Comfortable Foam Mattress 1

2. Thick Mattress:

The design features a 4-inch thick foam mattress. This enhances the comfort level and makes your guests feel like sleeping in their own beds.

Milliard Super Strong Portable Twin Size Folding Rollaway Bed, with Wooden Slats and Comfortable Foam Mattress 2

3. High Portability:

In order to magnify the mobility, this portable bed is designed with 4 wheels. These wheels add more to the convenience while moving the bed. With increased portability and transportation, this bed comes really handing in traveling and camping purposes also.

Milliard Super Strong Portable Twin Size Folding Rollaway Bed, with Wooden Slats and Comfortable Foam Mattress 3

4. Easy Storage:

The bed offers an easy and quick storage system. Quickly folding up this bed, a hinged lock bar is there to keep it securely locked. Moreover, the 4 nylon casters enhance maneuverability by pivoting at 360 degrees.

5. Quick Assembly:

Just like easy storage, the bed is designed to provide easy setup as well. With the self-open legs, the guest bed quickly sets up without any need for additional tools.


1. Support for Maximum Weight:

This high-quality rollaway bed is designed with a sturdier metal frame. Its wooden slats are rigid enough to support a maximum weight of 264 lbs. Although, it features a steel frame tubing, it has also a lightweight structure that makes it highly portable as well.

2. Compact Storage:

This top rated portable bed is designed to provide an amazing foldability. Therefore, one can enjoy its compact storage that is protected with a hinged lock bar. With 360 degree pivoting casters, the bed is easy to transport.

3. Comfortable Bed-Like Foam:

The 4-inch thick foam mattress is comfortable enough to give you a luxurious bed-like sleep. The top layer of memory foam makes this mattress super-cozy and relaxing.

4. Diversified Uses:

Due to such an innovative and advanced design, the Milliard Rollaway Guest Bed is a masterpiece that can be used in varying respects. It is widely used by hotels, resorts, nursing homes, college students and frequent travelers.

Milliard Super Strong Portable Twin Size Folding Rollaway Bed, with Wooden Slats and Comfortable Foam Mattress 4


The Milliard Rollaway Guest Bed is an amazing product. Although, it does not have any major pitfalls, the product does not come with a storage cover.


Above all, this durable guest bed is strong enough to give you a comfortable and firm bedding experience. With a high-quality foam mattress and sturdy frame construction, this rollaway bed satisfied its consumers to a greater extent.

Sleep Master Memory Foam Guest Bed

Zinus is a highly reputed name in the bedding industry. With its diverse range of portable beds and guest beds, the brand has always produced innovative and high -quality products. Considering the consumers’ demands and modern technologies, there are many rollaway and folding beds from Zinus with unmatched quality. While providing an ultimately comfortable sleeping solution, the Sleep Master Memory Foam Getaway Premier Folding Guest Bed is another masterpiece from the brand that has gained attention.

Sleep Master Memory Foam Getaway Premier Folding Guest Bed

If there are guests in your home or you have to visit a friend’s home, a comfortable night is no more an issue. With Sleep Master Premier Folding Guest Bed, you can enjoy a peaceful night with cozy sleep anywhere. This best selling guest bed incorporates an elite technology in its design while keeping an affordable price range. A thorough analysis of the product enables us to know about its features in detail.

Product Features:

Let’s unfold the features that make Sleep Master Premier the top rated portable bed:

1. Thick Foam Mattress:

A mattress plays a vital role in providing cozy sleep at night. This is where Sleep Master excels in. This amazing folding bed comes with a 5-inch twin mattress, having a 1-inch memory foam with 4-inch high-density base support foam. Such a thick and high-quality foam ensures maximum relaxation just like your own conventional bed.

Sleep Master Memory Foam Getaway Premier Folding Guest Bed 1

2. Sturdy Frame Construction:

Another important element in a high-quality portable bed is its durability. With a sturdy steel frame construction, the Sleep Master Premier Folding Guest Bed serves a person with an enhanced durability and control over the bed.

Sleep Master Memory Foam Getaway Premier Folding Guest Bed 2

3. Wheels for Transportation:

In order to cater the transportation and portability issues, the wheels are provided as well. This makes transportation quite easy and flexible.

4. Convenient Storage:

A portable bed is supposed to have a secure storage system. Therefore, this issue is also addressed by this amazing product. With strap and hook, the Sleep Master Guest Bed is secured completely during storage.

Sleep Master Memory Foam Getaway Premier Folding Guest Bed 3

5. Reliable Shipping:

With proper packaging, the product is shipped through reliable means to the consumers’ doorsteps.


1. Easy to Fold Up:

This best selling portable bed is sturdy and easy to set up. With its light weight structure, it can be quickly arranged as well as folded up when not needed.

2. Economical Price Range:

Having so many benefits, the product is economical and it is worth to be invested in.

3. Easy to Transport:

The easy to move wheels make transportation quite easier. Wherever you want the bed to be carried, just fold it up and take it along.

4. Innovative Foam Keeps Refreshing:

The Biofoam used in place of the traditional one, features natural green tea extracts with active charcoal. This combination enables the foam to eliminate unpleasant odors and moisture that keeps a person refreshing after sleeping over it.

Sleep Master Memory Foam Getaway Premier Folding Guest Bed 4


Having a high number of positive analysts’ and customer reviews, the Sleep Master Premier Folding Guest Bed by Zinus is a highly recommended product. In order to arrange a quick sleeping environment for your guests, you must get this folding bed for your home. It is particularly suitable for dorm rooms, attic spaces and living rooms for guests.

Serta 39-inch Portable Bed Review

Are you running short of space with guests at home? Or you have to stay somewhere else during holidays and you are worried about the awful restless nights? A portable bed (also known as rollaway bed, folding bed or guest bed) is the right solution for you. The bed that is designed particularly for saving space makes temporary bedding arrangements to provide comfortable and cozy nights. In a myriad of portable and folding beds, Serta is a brand that produces top notch guest beds for its consumers.

Serta 39-inch Portable Rollaway Guest Office Spare Bedroom Bed with Twin Mattress

In its line of top rated portable beds, the Serta 39-inch Portable Rollaway Guest Office Spare Bedroom Bed with Twin Mattress is a product that is equally admired by everyone. The bed has a sturdy design that ensures stability and support as well as comfort. We have analyzed the product in depth to give you an honest review so that you may finalize your decision.

Product Features:

First, analyze the features incorporated in the design of Seta 39-inch Rollaway Guest Bed:

i. Steel Frame:

When we talk about a portable rollaway bed, the frame construction is a design factor that is crucial. What makes Serta Rollaway Guest Bed really a durable option, is its strong and solid steel frame construction. This metallic frame is sturdy enough to give it a longer life alongside capable to carry a huge weight as well.

Serta 39-inch Portable Rollaway Guest Office Spare Bedroom Bed with Twin Mattress 1

ii. Thick Mattress:

Another critical thing to look at while buying a folding bed is the quality of the mattress. This rollaway bed comprises of a set that includes mattress alongside the frame. The mattress is about 4-5 inches high, that enables you to have a safe and sound sleep just like a  normal bed.

iii. Wheels for Easy Movement:

The bed frame is designed with 4-inch ball bearing wheels to offer a greater ease in transportation. With wheels, an individual finds both setup and storage quite convenient.

iv. Large Size:

The bed frame is 14 inches high and 73 inches long with 39 inches width. It provides a huge bed size that gives a sufficient space to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Serta 39-inch Portable Rollaway Guest Office Spare Bedroom Bed with Twin Mattress 2


i. High Stability:

The steel frame offers maximum stability that results in a longer life. Moreover, with this best selling folding bed, you can have a firm support and the ball bearing wheels add more value to its transportation.

ii. Color Options in Mattress:

The mattress in Serta 39-inch Rollaway Guest bed is available in two decent colors. Get your mattress either in blue or beige color. This is an exciting option while buying this high quality bed.

iii. Easy Set-Up and Storage:

With Seta 39-inch Rollaway Guest Bed, you are comfortable while assembling the bed. There are no additional tools required to arrange this bedding setup, as well as the bed is quite convenient to be folded up.

Serta 39-inch Portable Rollaway Guest Office Spare Bedroom Bed with Twin Mattress 3


On an overall basis, this amazing rollaway guest bed is a wonderful bedding solution for your guests. Besides many of the benefits, there is a complaint sometimes related to its too big size. As many of the people are short of living space, this huge size might be an issue for such people.


If space is not a critical issue for you, then you should opt for this economical portable bed. You can have a relaxing night with the durable and sturdy support of Serta Rollaway Guest Bed with Twin Mattress.


Milliard Premium Folding Bed Review

You night’s sleeping experience impacts overall health. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a comfortable and healthy sleep at night. But if there are unexpected guests at home, or you are staying somewhere else, it is not possible to have that comfort zone. Then a portable folding bed comes into action as an ultimate sleeping partner.

Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress - Super Strong Sturdy Frame - (No Assembly Required Just Screw in the Wheels and Go) - 75X31.5

With its lightweight structure and easy assembly, you can save an ample space with a rollaway bed. The Milliard bed manufacturing company promises a rejuvenating sleep at night that keeps you refreshed throughout the day. With their Premium Folding Bed, the company has offered something really unsurpassed in quality.


With Milliard Premium Folding Bed (75″ x 31.5″), that has also a memory foam mattress, the brand has introduced more advanced features. The company has done hard efforts to address and rectify the issues commonly found with portable beds. From convenience to comfort, this bed has been designed in accordance with consumers’ demands. Let’s explore the features of this bed in detail:

Product Features:

This super strong and top rated portable bed offers a number of amazing features. Some of the prominent features are provided below:

i. Clamshell Folding Pattern:

The bed is designed to provide convenience for space and user. Therefore, a clamshell folding pattern is offered, that secures shut with a trident buckle. This buckle is adjustable and makes opening and closing quite easy.

ii. Memory Foam Mattress:

This folding bed comes packaged with a memory foam mattress of 2.5 pound thickness. With Trampoline bed base, a supple comfort is provided. Moreover, the support straps are there to ensure there is no sagging at all.

Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress - Super Strong Sturdy Frame - (No Assembly Required Just Screw in the Wheels and Go) - 75X31.5_1

The mattress is further protected with a removable and extra-soft cover. Whenever it needs to be washed, you can simply remove it to wash.

iii. Metal Bed Frame:

In order to provide a firm support, the design of this guest bed is enhanced with a sturdy metal frame. The bed frame adds more to strength and durability with double reinforcement at the base with stabilized bars.

Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress - Super Strong Sturdy Frame - (No Assembly Required Just Screw in the Wheels and Go) - 75X31.5_2

iv. Minimal Assembly:

Another interesting feature that brings more value to this product is its easy to use structure. The Milliard’s best selling portable bed is quite convenient with an easy assembly that needs no tools at all. You just need to screw in the wheels and the bed is ready to serve you with an ultimate comfort.


i. Superior Portability:

The sole purpose of this amazing guest bed is to save space with convenience. That is the reason why it is built with legs that are easy to be folded out to ensure maximum space saving. Furthermore, the 360-degree pivoting casters are provided to maximize portability and transportation of the bed.

ii. Durable Structure:

Since, the bed is built with a high-quality steel frame, furnished with double reinforced base and stabilized bars, this ensures a superior durability, that would keep you satisfied for years. You can enjoy a comfortable sleep over a sturdy frame that won’t let you disturbed of irregular movements. It can easily support a greater weight and thus comes out quite useful for adults.

Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress - Super Strong Sturdy Frame - (No Assembly Required Just Screw in the Wheels and Go) - 75X31.5_3

iii. Maximum Foldability:

In order to maximize convenience, the bed can be folded to a higher thickness. It can be folded to 12 inches thick and that makes it more compact. Hence, you can keep it behind the closets or any narrow spaces to save space.

iv. High-Quality Comfort:

The superior memory foam mattress has a considerable thickness that is supported with Trampoline base. this base is enhanced with 32 carbon steel springs to giv e you a comfortable night with a greater support. e you a comfortable night with a greater support.


Although, the Milliard Premium Folding Bed has attained a higher rating among other available products, its design could be a little more improved with a more compact structure. It is a bit bulky to deal with. So, the design should concentrate more on its foldability and weight.


The Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Luxury Foam Mattress is a bed worth to spend your money on. Investing in such a high-quality folding bed would give you a comfortable sleeping experience for a number of years.

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